In July 2017 Silvana Papier® was born as a brand that produces high quality paper placemats made in Mexico.

We create original designs that materialize thanks to the work of a professional and dedicated team that takes care of every detail, since the manufacture of our products involves meticulous handmade processes. Together we have managed to create a distinctive seal that identifies us in each individual tablecloth.
Our mission is to offer you a high quality product that inspires you to decorate your table in an innovative, practical and versatile way.

Silvana Papier products are made with Certified Paper: ♻️ Recycled, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PCF (Processed Chlorine Free).
We also pay special attention to the quality, thickness and body of the paper with which we manufacture our products, favoring its presentation and resistance.

At Silvana Papier we create placemats and unforgettable moments that can only be lived around the table.

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Watching my children grow up, my concern to do something independent in my life as a wife and mother grew, growing as well. In March 2017, chatting over a family meal, the idea of ​​creating high-quality paper placemats came to me. I felt that it would be an ideal accessory to decorate the table when we receive visitors or celebrate an important date, since we could easily give it a very special touch, as well as having more possibilities to change the style without this implying a greater investment of time or resources. The support and knowledge of my husband in the wide world of printing was essential, since for more than 35 years he has dedicated himself to the Graphic Arts.

From that moment on, I gave myself with all my passion to planning the designs and carefully choosing the types of paper that we would use in our Collections, since it was essential that our raw material be certified in the care of the environment and nature.

Months later I started selling placemats with friends and family, fortunately the response was very good, so we decided to consolidate ourselves as a Registered Brand, giving birth to a new member of the family called Silvana Papier.

Decorating the table in an innovative way with Silvana Papier paper placemats is our premise, being the practical, versatile and warm detail that makes the experience of sitting around the table more pleasant, special and unique.

I deeply appreciate the support of my husband and my children, as well as that of all the people involved in the birth and development of Silvana Papier, especially our clients for their preference.

Isela Grajales.


Responsible Forest Management
Recycled paper
Chlorine Free


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